Re: Let's talk strategy

Steve H Rose (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 18:18:03 +0059 (EDT)

On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Steve Maybo wrote:

> > On Sun, 30 Jul 1995, Mike Meyer wrote:
> >
> > NetScapes broken attribute parsing. The response from the
> > magazine was that 25% (their estimate) of their market wasn't
> > worth spending a few minutes fixing the problem, or even doing it
> > right next time.
> But the Internet can greatly increase your market.....20-30 or so
> million with Web access !! Do you want to make pages look bad for
> 25% of the people (5-7 million) who may be interested in what you do
> and have no other contact with you than through your Web page ??

I think the answer is it depends upon what your purpose is. If you are
focusing on a "techie" market, then you may not care. If you are
focusing on a market which includes lots of non-techies (e.g. business
people), then you do care.

I sometimes wish people would do some thinking about why they are
developing a homepage before starting to write their code...


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