21stCentury - An unquantifiable notion of time not accepted (on pain of death) by employees of Mootronix. Or the expiry date of our system (we're not sure which).

algorithm - a mechanical procedure for solving a problem

available flight - a flight operated by Dairy Air that is not booked at greater than 115% of capacity

backups - secure copies of information that are protected from accidental change or deletion

boarding pass - a document granting the holder the right to board an aircraft, assigning the holder to a specific seat aboard that aircraft

booking agent - individual responsible for processing passenger reservations for Dairy Air using UDDERS

button - a graphical image, that, when clicked, performs some action

click - a user action characterized by pressing a mouse button, generally the left one

client-server - a specific type of network setup which facilitates the distribution of data

data object - a specific chunk of information that can be represented in a computer and possesses attributes

data structure - a specific chunk of information that can be represented in a field and possesses attributes

database - a digital representation of information that can be related to other information

digital storage - a representation of information in a digital fashion--usually used to refer to floppy disks, hard disks, CD-ROM, or magnetic tape

distributed - refers to a system where the data is not stored in one central location, but is instead scattered throughout the system

field - a specific chunk of information

flight - any trip made by Dairy Air that passengers can make reservations on

flight insurance - insurance purchased from Dairy Air allowing a reservation to be cancelled by a passenger

GUI - acronym for Graphical User Interface, referring to the method of user interaction with the computer which is characterized by highly visual data

integrity - to maintain the integrity of data is to ensure that a database is never in a state where it could provide incorrect information

location - a destination city or departure airport for Dairy Air (i.e., one which is served by a Dairy Air flight)

Mootronix NTLIKLE - New hardware system to employ hyperspace links in communications

network - multiple computers linked via wires of some sort

passenger - an individual who makes a reservation with Dairy Air, or, in some cases, an individual on board a flight operated by Dairy Air

plane - in this context, refers to a passenger-carrying airborne vehicle operated by Dairy Air

record - a composite object within a table that comprises several fields

reservation - a tentative commitment by a passenger to fly a specific Dairy Air flight

seat - refers to a place on a plane for a passenger of Dairy Air, or a data entity within UDDERS

sensitive information - proprietary or confidential information, or information not intended for wide dissemination

server - a computer with primary data-storage responsiblity

specified users - Those users authorized to use various UDDERS subsystems

table - a specific form of database representation named for its similarities to a table on a piece of paper

ticket - a paper document which is a representation of a passenger reservation with Dairy Air, sometimes synonymous with reservation

time offset - the number of hours "ahead" or "behind" with respect to Calgary a particular location is

user - an individual performing tasks using UDDERS

UDDERS - Unified Dairy-Air Digital Electronic Reservation System