International Cross-disciplinary University-Industry Research

KSI Presentation to Local Consultative Workshop, University of Calgary, 20th July, 1994

These notes summarize the significance of encouraging and supporting Canadian research that is international, cross-disciplinary and based on university-industry collaboration. They emphasize the importance of the information highway in facilitating such research at a reasonable cost. The executive summary of GNOSIS, one of the International Intelligent Manufacturing Systems test cases, is appended as an example of this style of research.

Brian Gaines,


The Knowledge Economy

Why International?

Why Cross-disciplinary?

Why University-Industry?

Impact of the Information Highway?

An Example of International Cross-disciplinary University-Industry Research

IMS Test Case 7: GNOSIS Knowledge Systematization: Configuration Systems for Design and Manufacturing

Executive Summary

GNOSIS Consortium

GNOSIS objective: Post Mass Production Paradigm

GNOSIS work packages

GNOSIS test case major meetings

GNOSIS coordination through the information highway

GNOSIS outcomes

GNOSIS status
Reports from the GNOSIS Test Case


To make the results of the GNOSIS test case available to the manufacturing community, a CD-ROM has been prepared that can be read on Macintosh, PC and Unix platforms, and has the reports available in Microsoft Word, Farallon Replica and Adobe PostScript formats. The total volume of material on the disk is: 57 reports totaling 1590 pages, each in 3 formats; 11 movies totaling 70 minutes; plus software and maps of the material.
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