Chapter 5 Value added of IMS framework

During the feasibility study, the ISC deliberated on the added value of the IMS framework both within the context of the feasibility study and in the context of a full scale program.

The IMS framework established during the feasibility study consisted of a number of elements, aimed at facilitating international collaboration in the domain of advanced manufacturing. These elements included:

The added value of this framework was agreed by all Participants in the feasibility study to be the following: Some of the added value pointed out above was fully demonstrated during the feasibility study whilst other aspects should emerge more clearly in a full-scale program, although they can be extrapolated from the experiences gained in the feasibility study.

During the feasibility study, it was clearly demonstrated that the IMS framework acted as a catalyst for global manufacturing co-operation, facilitated the establishment of relationships amongst large companies, small companies, academic and research institutions as well as public authorities on a worldwide scale, provided a structure for the sharing of intellectual property in international consortia and allowed this structure to be thoroughly tested, and has facilitated international discussions and assessment of what should be the priorities for global co-operation in advanced manufacturing.

Finally, during the feasibility study, the IMS framework proved its value as a facilitator to communicate and disseminate results of significant manufacturing process developments and improvements worldwide. Examples of this added value are contained in the previous chapters which describe in detail the activities of the feasibility study. It is believed that this added value would continue to be gained in a full-scale program and that in addition, value added concerning global standards, the professional level of manufacturing and trade enhancement would manifest itself during the life of a full-scale program.

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