Knowledge Science Institute

The KSI was founded at the University of Calgary in 1985 with a mandate to study all aspects of the knowledge economy.

The KSI has a wide range of multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical research activities. For example, it:

Tracking Changes in the KSI Archives

The KSI maintains a number of web sites for various activities and organizations. Changes to the KSI archives are monitored though Lee Chen's Chrono program that produces a reverse chronological index of changes to the KSI web.

KSI Publication Archives

Many recent KSI publications can be found in its archives available for ftp at in Microsoft RTF format, and in Adobe PostScript format.

A README file of abstracts is available and will shortly be supplemented with web versions of the abstracts and, in the longer term, with web versions of many of the publications.

The initial list of web publications is now available.

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies/Knowledge Acquisition

The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) was founded in 1968 (under the name International Journal of Man-Machine Studies). In 1989 it spun off a sister journal, Knowledge Acquisition, which is being reincorporated into IJHCS in 1995.

IJHCS is published monthly and now publishes some 2700 pages a year.

IJHCS information.

Knowledge Acquisition Workshops (KAW)

Knowledge Acquisition Workshops ( KAW) is an international network of researchers concerned with methodologies, tools and techniques for knowledge acquisition. It runs annual one-week workshops in North America, Europe and Japan/Australia.

KAW95 was held at the Banff Centre, Banff, Canada, February 26-March 3, 1995.

Personal Construct Psychology (PCP)

Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) is a system of psychology developed by George Kelly in the early 1950s that has wide application in modeling human knowledge processes.

Supporting Communities through Digital Documents and the Internet

The KSI studies and supports scholarly communities using digital documents, CD-ROMs and the Internet to support their knowledge processes. A list of relevant resources is maintained and a practice and experience tutorial is also available.

An example of a system to support collaborative development of conceptual models of a domain is WebGrid, a system for eliciting, modeling and comparing personal construct systems.

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)

The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems research program promotes international collaboration on pre-competitive research on advanced manufacturing systems.

GNOSIS is an international research consortium developing concepts, methodologies, technologies, and tools for the implementation of new manufacturing paradigms. Major technologies investigated include configuration management systems supporting the reuse of engineering and manufacturing knowledge in routine design and configurable production systems achieving dynamic product-specific manufacturing in flexible production systems.

The Mediator research program is a joint venture between the Knowledge Science Institute and the Division of Manufacturing Engineering to develop an agent-based, open architecture information and knowledge management system designed to provide a flexible technology to support the management of complex manufacturing activities throughout the product life cycle.

RITE/LINCS: Research Institute for Technologies in Education and Learning through Interactive Networked Collaboration and Simulation

The RITE/LINCS project is a network of research and application groups across Canada concerned with the development and application of collaboration and simulation technology for learning. RITE/LINCS supports Canada's transformation into a learning society through a network for research and development on technology-based lifelong learning. RITE/LINCS participants include a wide range of industries, universities and government agencies with interests ranging from high-technology skills training to enhanced cultural understanding.

Building a Federal Science and Technology Strategy

The Hon. Jon Gerrard P.C., MP, Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development, held a federal Science and Technology Review meeting at the University of Calgary on 20th July 1994. The program, attendees and a summary of the conclusions are available. The slides for the KSI presentation on International Cross-disciplinary University-Industry Research are also available.
University of Calgary 4-Oct-95