General Information

These guidelines are designed to facilitate the completion of a Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)--Phase II application. Applicants are advised to read the guidelines that follow and the Phase II--Program Policies and Guidelines before completing their application. For further information, consult the NCE office at (613) 995- 6010.


Participants who receive NCE funds must meet the general eligibility conditions of one of the three granting councils. Participants from the private and public sectors, while not eligible to receive NCE funds, may have an active role in the network.

Organizations eligible to receive funds are universities, affiliated hospitals and research institutes and post- secondary institutions having a research mandate.

Deadline Date

The complete application package must be received at the NCE office by January 13, 1995.

Mailing Address

Networks of Centres of Excellence Program


350 Albert Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1 A 1 H5

Networks of Centres of Excellence Application Package

The following documentation is required from all Networks of Centres of Excellence--Phase II applicants.

The original plus forty- five (45) copies of the complete application package. Each package must be arranged in the following order.

General Presentation

Print must be in black ink, of letter quality (minimum standard), and single- spaced on standard 81/2 x 11 inch paper, with no more than six lines per inch. Type size is measured in points (pts) or in characters per inch (cpi). If you use a type size measured in pts, it must be no smaller than 12 pts; if measured in cpi, it must be no more than 10 cpi. Condensed type is unacceptable.


Program Leader

Enter the name, the mailing address, the telephone and facsimile numbers and the e- mail address for the proposed Phase II Program Leader.


Indicate the title of the network as it will be used for publication and communication purposes.

Target Area

Indicate the appropriate target area.

Amounts Requested

Indicate in dollars the total amount requested from the NCE program for each year of Phase II funding (should be identical to Line A at the top of page 5). A four- year budget must be submitted.


The original must be signed by the proposed Phase II Program Leader and the president or CEO of the institution that will host the network secretariat.


Provide a one- page abstract describing the network and its proposed research program. Write in a style suitable for a press release.


The purpose of the strategic plan is to provide a framework for the operation and the evaluation of the network relative to the identified target area and to the goals and objectives of the NCE program. The strategic plan must consist of an integrated research and business management strategy.

Relevance to the Target Area

The incremental economic and social benefits to Canada of the network and the network's proposed research in the identified target area must be clearly spelled out. Discuss the impact, or potential for impact, of this area of research, over a ten- year time frame, on Canada's industrial base, health and social systems.

Discuss the impact, or potential impact, of the university- based R&D effort in the selected research area relative to the efforts of other research performing sectors in the area and the expected impact of the NCE program funding on the selected area relative to other funded efforts, e.g., Provincial Centres of Excellence, other federal NCEs, other research consortia, or initiatives.

The value added from a network approach to research and research management must be addressed.

Use a maximum of 5 pages.

Proposed Research Program

The proposed research program should anticipate and respond to problems and opportunities that relate to Canada's economy, productivity and well- being. Network research programs must, therefore, be developed in consultation with all of the relevant stakeholders, taking into account industry, university and government priorities. It must be clear how the network directly relates to, and supports, the identified target area and the goals of the NCE program. Use a maximum of 5 pages.

In no more than 10 pages, give an integrated overview of the network's research program including:

Usually, the network's research program is divided into a few major theme areas. For each major theme area: A maximum of 10 pages may be used to describe each major theme area. Include, within the page limitations, a bibliography of all references cited.

Highly Qualified Personnel

Outline the network's strategy to train highly qualified personnel and to increase the marketability of trainees in relation to the needs of the user sector for graduates and the capacity to absorb them.

Identify training objectives and targets for each of the four years of funding.

Use a maximum of 5 pages.

Networking and Partnerships

Networking is intended to integrate research teams and research programs and to promote effective interactions and partnerships with the user sector outside the university community. Show how increased linkages and networking will result in sharing equipment and facilities and reduce redundancies in research efforts.

Discuss the linkages in existence and to be created by the network among universities, industry and governments; the inclusion of excellent researchers and facilities across Canada; international collaborations. If foreign expertise is required, provide details.

Explain why networking and a multidisciplinary, multisectorial approach to the research are important in achieving the network's objectives.

Describe the nature and extent of involvement of the user sector in the research and in the research planning, direction and management.

Discuss how the network will create an environment that encourages opportunities for collaboration with the private sector such as the application of research to technology or market development.

Provide a rationale for the proposed levels of support from non-council sources and describe the network's strategy for achieving the projected levels of contribution.

Use a maximum of 5 pages.

Knowledge Exchange and Technology Exploitation

Discuss the potential for the network's research and technology to lead to new products, processes or services for commercial exploitation that will strengthen the Canadian industrial base, enhance productivity, and/or contribute to long- term economic growth.

Discuss how the network will create an environment that encourages opportunities for collaboration with the private and public sectors such as the application of research to technology, market development, health or social benefits.

Discuss the network's plans and policies with respect to:

Use a maximum of 5 pages.

Network Management

A strong management structure with clearly defined responsibilities for shaping the direction of the network is essential.

Describe the proposed network management structure, defining the roles, responsibilities and expertise of key personnel, e.g., the Program Leader, Network Manager, Chair of the Board of Directors, and key committees, e.g., the Board of Directors, Research and Budget Committee, Executive Committee, Industrial Liaison Committee, etc.

Issues to be discussed include:

Provide an organizational chart showing names and affiliations.

If the network intends to incorporate, the proposed structure and the rationale for this structure should be detailed.

Use a maximum of 5 pages.


Provide a list of names, affiliation and time committed to the network (% of total salaried time) for the proposed Program Leader and each participant. A participant is defined as someone who will be carrying out the research; this does not include graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, etc. Use additional pages as required.

Summary of Anticipated Funding for the Network

Funding for Phase II will commence September 1, 1995. Subsequent installments will be effective April 1 of each fiscal year.

On page 5, indicate for each of the four years the total funding requested from the NCE program for Phase II, as well as the anticipated support from all of the other sources indicated. Cash and in- kind contributions must be detailed separately. Where a commitment of support is made, a letter certifying the contributor's commitment to the costs of the network is required.

Costs for existing support services within an organization, such as administrative, personnel, financial, library and building services, space and buildings, or insurance (other than liability insurance for Boards of Directors and network administrators), are not eligible for support under this program.

On page 6, provide a detailed summary of the proposed expenditures for the network as a whole, for each of the four years.

Proposed Expenditures by Major Theme Area (page 7)

Using one page for each major theme area, provide a detailed summary of the support requested for each of the four years, for the budget categories indicated. Where there are cash or in- kind contributions from non- council sources to a major theme area, complete page 8 for that major theme area.

1 ) Salaries and stipends

For the payment of stipends for students and postdoctoral fellows, follow the regulations of the granting council under whose mandate the research falls. For programs whose mandate falls under the jurisdiction of more than one granting council, flexibility to adopt one stipend rate within a network is permitted.

Salaries and benefits for participants employed full- time on network research may be included. Such researchers may supervise graduate students working on network research. Participants wishing to have their salaries paid by the network are not eligible to hold grants from the granting councils.

2) Operation of core facilities

Provide details on the operating costs of the facility. On a separate page, detail the salary and maintenance costs paid by the network.

3) Equipment

List equipment to be purchased/rented and the cost. Provide two quotations for each piece of equipment (over $25,000) as well as a justification for each piece. Provide details on operating and maintenance costs for each piece of equipment costing more than $25,000 and specify how these costs will be covered.

4) Materials and supplies

Provide details for any extraordinary requirements.

5) Travel expenses

List anticipated field trips, conferences and travel related to network research for which funds are requested for each year.

6) Management and networking

Provide details for each category related to the costs of managing the research. This includes the cost of attending annual meetings, workshops and committee meetings related to the functioning of the network.

Proposed Expenditures of Administrative Centre (page 9)

Adding additional headings where necessary, detail the costs associated with operating the administrative centre for the network, including costs for salaries, annual meetings, communications, technology transfer, etc.
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