Re: PCP and relationships

Richard Smith (
Sun, 16 Jan 94 15:03:39 +0000 BST

In message <9401030018.AA19878> Gavin Byrne wrote:

>My interest in PCP -
>With the insights and constructs of traditional Western
>philosophy as a point of departure (see e.g. The Dialogues
>of Plato), to develop a precise understanding of the
>possibilities and constraints inherent in current one-to one
>relationships between individuals.
>Comments, suggestions, names of people sharing this or a
>similar interest would be appreciated.

My interests lie in the usefulness of PCP to explain resistance to change in
addictive behaviour (e.g. Alcoholism). I am in the process of compiling data to
aid my investigations concerning the human change processes occuring in
individuals afer De-tox and subsequent/consequent changes in relationships and

Bridgette. (