to Stephen Tagg

Arne Raeithel (
Wed, 23 Feb 1994 13:06:14 +0100 (MET)

Apologies in advance, because this is a public try to get two-way
contact with Stephen Tagg.

A direct path seems not available, our mailing systems says:
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Dear Dr. Tagg,

your comment from another angle seems very much to the point for me.
I am no fighter for PCA, have done several NMDS studies of grids
myself. MDS is much more frequent in industrial and consumer psychology,
anyway (please excuse the labels if they sound strange to you, I am
just trying to point at a field).

I would be very interested in any goings-on in Britain that pertain
to the application of grids in this field, because the time-limited
contract with my university here has ended, and I am now actively
looking for directions to pursue to make my living.

Please indicate if you are interested in such an exchange, and -- if
time permits give me a pointer to literature of yours, or an important
new publication on grids and MDS.

Thanks very much, looking forward to an interesting reply,

Arne Raeithel.


p.s. for the pcp list: Come to think of it-- I could have just as
well sent this message directly via the list.
Recent developments, as well as time-tried experiences with
MDS analysis could be interesting for many...