hello pcp mailbase

Wed, 16 Mar 1994 11:06:30 EST

I am new to the mailbase and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan
Raskin, and I am a doctoral candidate in counseling psychology at the
University of Florida. I am doing my doctoral dissertation under Dr. Franz
Epting. I am currently interested in a number of issues. First, I am
interested in the ways in which PCP can be used to reconstrue traditional
approaches to psychiatric diagnosis. Franz and I recently published a paper on
this topic in the International Journal of PCP, and are starting work on a
followup paper to be presented at the APA convention this summer. We are
interested in examining ways in which constructivist psychologists can use
PCP's transitive diagnosis as an alternative to the categorical, biologically
oriented DSM system. Any thoughts on this topic would be more than welcome.
I am also interested in ethics in PCP. It seems that ethical systems
are constructed rather than created. In PCP is there any such thing as
inherent right and wrong? Again, any thoughts on this topic would interest me,
since I recently wrote a paper on this topic that I'm presenting at APA in