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Adrian Fox (
Fri, 25 Mar 1994 12:35:56 AEST


You wrote:
> If a person uses the construct STUPID-INTELLIGENT to make
> judgments about people, his/her application might fail to
> [Areplicate normal distribution [Adams-Webber and others have shown
> that constructs are generally applied in a roughly 33 percent
> negative, 66 percent positive fashion.] As personal construct
> psychologists we cannot enter into a discussion of whether or not
> the person applies that construct "correctly."

I would be pleased if you could provide details of these references.

My brief intro

My name is Adrian Fox. I am a PhD student studying within the Information
Sysetms Department at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. My area
of interest centers on requirements determination for Executive Information
Systems (EIS). I am proposing a method for EIS requirements inquiry
supported by PCP that incorporates the repertory test.

My background is heavily weighted in Information Systems studies, Decision
Support Systems, EIS, and Knowledge Based Systems (KBS). It was in KBS
where I gained exposure to PCP through papers by Brian Gaines, Mildred
Shaw, John Boose, to name a few (sorry if your reading this and I didn't
list your name). :-)
Since then I have completed honours where I spent a lot of my time trying
to get a grasp of PCP. Anyone, coming from a Computing background may
be able to associate with that. It was in this study program that I
incorporated the rep test into a method for eliciting Critical Success
Factors ..... I applied the method in a single case study, for which
I presented an overview and major findings at the Xth Int. Congress on
PCP at Townsville, Australia.

I am currently continuing research in this area and I am very interested
in eliciting "success" as well as "failure" factors ........ Hence, my
interest in constructs that are negative as well as those constructs that
are positive.

I have many questions to ask the PCP community .... and will do so in
another submission ... soon .... all the way from Australia.

And I hope that Jim (or others) can help me with details to the indicated


Adrian Fox (PhD Student)

Department of Information Systems
Monash University, Caulfield Campus
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Victoria, Australia. 3145

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