Re: Hypercard REP programs, anyone?

Jack Adams-Webber (
Tue, 5 Jul 94 08:11:38 -0400

>Hi JacK: Great to hear from you re: the new Omnigrid for Hypercard.
>I would very much like to explore it. I have used the earlier MAC
>version a fair bit to explore students' construals of their personal
>projects and can anticipate some of the gains that could come from a
>hypercard version. dI'm not really familiar with the non-disc option
>you mentioned for transmitting it--but assume it is through the
>internet to be downloaded here. If so, please send, erring on the
>side of overinclusion of relevant additional material. We are working
>with very large matrices (sometimes 20X50--though obviously not
>completed during one sitting!) so are hopeful the program will handle
>or be modifiable to handle megagrids.
> I do hope things are splendid for you and yours. Think of you
>guys often and fondly. We are doing fine here--carrying on our own
>version of kellianism and enjoying life and its vicissitudes. Great
>to be connected. Cheers for now, Brian

We can transmit it direct if, and only if, you are on Eudora and have
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