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David Nightingale (
6 Jul 1994 9:11:04 +0000

In response To Ron Wright's request (below) and the spate of recent
'leave the list' messages here are the correct instructions on how
to leave this or any other mailbase list:

Send the message:

leave ListName

in this instance - leave pcp


DO NOT send the message to as this merely
distributes your message to all members of the list. Anyone having
any trouble leaving this list (or any other problem) should contact
me as below.

Best Wishes, Dave Nightingale (list owner)

>From: Ron Wright <>
>Subject: Re: Re[2]: leave pcp mailbase
>Date: Mon, 4 Jul 1994 18:19:10 -0500 (EST)
>This is becoming silly. Would someone please repost the "How to
>leave the list" instructions? You don't send these requests to the
>list but to the mailserver. Posting your requests here only annoys
>others and makes THEM want to leave the list to avoid your
>inapprporiate posts.
> Content stuff goes to the list; Administrative stuff goes to the
>listserver. Save the instructions were you can find them. (I could
>find mine but don't care to take the time to do so.)

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