Kelly archives at UNL

Hemant Desai (
Wed, 13 Jul 1994 00:49:59 -0500 (CDT)

Hello everyone:

Here's something I discovered that I wanted to share with other fans of
George Kelly's work. I recently found out that the school I'm at, (Univ
of Nebraska), has a collection of Kellyana that dates back to his Ft Hayes
College days. I believe it also contains some theses and dissertations
supervised by Kelly (I know someone was looking for Dennis Hinkle's Ph.D.
material). There seem to be a lot of papers -- (I've only seen a couple
of folders yet) -- I was told that there were totally 27 boxes of material!

This would make great research material if there are any others
out there interested in such a project. Dr. Alvin Landfield is to
be thanked for the existence of these archives because he got Gladys
Kelly's permission to give the documents to UNL some years ago.

This material is an exciting find for me as I am fascinated by Kelly's
contributions to psychological science. Currently, I am taking an
inventory of what is out there and could then Email the list of contents
to those who express an interest in the archives.

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