Kelly archives at UNL

Beverly Walker (
13 Jul 1994 16:45:10 +1100

Dear Hemant,

Yes, indeed the Kelly archives are great fun to go through - BUT save yourself
the effort. They have been catalogued box by box. I was given a copy of the
list by Al Landfield, who obtained it from the archives people. It's fairly
accurate, though perhaps not quite so with the later boxes.

Unfortunately the tapes are not in the best condition. I didn't listen to the
therapy tapes, though I think Bob Neimeyer did something with them at some
stage. However the tapes that formed the data for Europe's matrix of decision
were very difficult to listen too, partly because they were of groups of
people. Maybe something should be done to try to preserve them.

I used a sheet of daffy-nitions that I found (uncatalogued) in one box in the
programme for the Xth International Congress.
e.g. reliability: a characteristic of any test which fails to detect variations
in the person tested;
validity : a property of human judgment often erroneously attributed to a test.
operational definition: a fact allowed to stand in lieu of an idea,
characteristically found in the thinking of brain-injured patients.

I also discovered that Kelly rewrote Autobiography of a Theory, calling it
Behavior is a Question. This paper had to be delivered by someone else in Peru
as Kelly was ill. It was his final paper. It is a pity that Maher published
the earlier version, I think.

Beverly Walker