Mildred Shaw (
Tue, 26 Jul 1994 11:35:27 -0600

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 6th North American Personal
Construct network meeting in Indianapolis last week; thanks to Humant
Desai for his interesting reflections on the meeting. Thanks especially to
Reid and David for all their work producing such a stimulating conference
with a supportive atmosphere.

Thanks to the steering committee who keep the whole thing together. The
current committee is:
Franz Epting (ex-president), Jerald Forster, April Metzler (clearinghouse
editor), Susan Hershfield-Verberg, Reid Klion (treasurer), Jonathan Raskin
(newsletter editor), Greg Neimeyer (ex officio as IJPCP editor), Bonnie
Shapiro, and myself (president).

We are especially pleased to have an increasing membership of NAPCN,
including several members from Europe and Australia. We have a superb
deal on NAPCN membership, and hope that even more people will take
advantage of it in the coming year. The membership package includes:
1) subscription to the Journal of Constructivist Psychology;
2) quarterly newsletter;
3) membership directory, published yearly;
4) PCP Clearinghouse, published yearly, of worldwide activities and
5) US$50 reduction in fees to NAPCN conferences.
ALL THIS FOR JUST $50! Keep reading the list server for information
how to join.

The next NAPCN meeting in 1996 is likely to be in Canada (possibly
Toronto), but anyone who would like to offer a meeting site should email
me privately on The requirements are that you
are currently a member of NAPCN and have previously attended at least one
NAPCN meeting.

The 1997 International Congress will again be in North America, and
anyone who would like to offer a meeting site for that should also email me
privately. The site will be finally chosen at the Barcelona International
Congress in July 1995.

Mildred L.G. Shaw