Thanks A.J., Mildred, Rue and Jim.

Hemant Desai (
Tue, 26 Jul 1994 22:04:44 -0500 (CDT)

Wow! My recent post (Reflections on NAPCN) drew just what I had
hoped -- some very thoughtful remarks. Perhaps this forum could be
just what pcp might need in between the conferences and publications.

I also realise that people on the list are at different
stages of their careers and thus may have time schedules and
committments that make prompt replies and discussions that much harder.
My suggestion: Don't fret, the list is archived and can always be
accessed for future reference. At the same time, feel free to contact
individuals that have research interests that may be close to yours.
A list of subscribers is available via email @, if needed.

What would be helpful is if we could each contribute text towards a
memo/bio-data file to be stored at mailbase or an ftp/gopher site.
This info could include something about individual backgrounds, experience/
areas of interest, email, phone number, etc. and would facilitate
interaction between members directly in addition to list responses.

The founder of this mailbase (David J. Nightingale) is a Ph.D.
candidate at U. of Huddersfield and has graciously asked me to help
coordinate the list while he works on his dissertation. I am happy to
do so. What I lack in terms of experience in pcp, I could make up,
possibly, in enthusiasm (with your support). So, don't hesistate to
mail me directly [] if you have any questions or comments.

Some other issues discussed at NAPCN about the list were whether
there should be seperate forums for applied (clinical, O-I, education,
developmental), methods and research, theory, etc. Some felt this
could add to fragmentation and create sub-groups. This is something
we could discuss as an ongoing process.

Whenever possible, send me an email with whatever you would like to
share with others for a pcp email database. This could of any length.
A suggested format: Name, Organization/Institution, Email, Phone no.,
Postal address, Scholarly Interests, and if possible, Citations of
work presented, published, or in progress. This info could be then be
uploaded to various sites. Perhaps Mildred Shaw at Calgary, Canada, and
Adrian Fox at Monash, Australia, could help us with this project. This
file could be periodically updated & possibly modified to a more
interactive format at a later date.

Please send, at your convenience, the above mentioned database info
to me directly at
As soon as possible, I will create a text file which can be posted,
uploaded, or emailed to you. In the subject for this email type:
"biodata for pcplist".

Thanks again to A.J., Mildred, Jim, and Rue for sharing their thoughts.

Keep on keeping on. Hemant