Narrative ANALYSIS
28 Jul 1994 13:54:57 -0500

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Hemant has discovered a real downside of
most phenomenological approaches - they're awfully labor intensive. We've
recently acquired NUDIST to help with the arduous task (and have the luxury
of competent transcribers for interviews.) As lazy as I am, and as much as
I'm a closet techno-junkie, I find it unavoidable and really best to
interact intensely and personally with the data (this is one way I find the
constructs when I'm going to supply them) In fact I use the audiotapes, to
recollect intonation, pauses, etc. even when I have transcriptions, and will
continue to do so when we have the NUDIST up and running. But, more power
to anyone who can do otherwise, or make better systems for doing so.

Adams-Webber and Bruner, huh? If I rob a bank to get to Barcelona, all of
you can witness that there were extenuating circumstances. Yes, Jack, I
think you're going to have to talk if not think narrative. As an old Dreyfus
fan, I can't wait to see how you construe the robot issue.