Re: Narrative Analysis
Fri, 29 Jul 1994 09:46:16 -0700

Thanks, Hemant!
You are very kind to reply so fast. I would love to play with the demo
disk on some old (last semester!) data, and we have some new data coming up
in Community Economic Development research too. I have already ordered a
demo. Thanks again.

>Hi, Penny!
> Nu.DIST 3.0 is a computer program for qualitative research. It has
>been developed by Learning Profiles, Inc., 2329 W. Main Street, #330,
>Littleton, CO 80120-1951, USA. It is available in both Macintosh and
>PC-Windows versions. They have a demo disk available, one can call
>1-800-279-2070 ext 17 or write to request a copy and/or brochure.
> I've tried the Windows version and it seems to be a good product,
>though somewhat expensive. The demo is sent free of charge though.
> Hemant Desai
>> I am learning a lot from this discussion, but what on earth is NUDIST. On
>> the basis of texual analysis :-) I can tell it is a computer program, but
>> could you please tell us more, Suzanne!
>> My interest lies in this field of narrative analysis, and would love to
>> know the technical helps available!
>> Thank you.
>> Penny Simpson
>> Simon Fraser University
>> Vancouver Canada