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Hemant Desai (
Sun, 31 Jul 1994 14:34:23 -0500 (CDT)

Some more info about the NuDist program from Tony Fetherston in Australia.
Hemant Desai
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From: "Tony Fetherston" <>
Organization: Edith Cowan University - Education
Date: 29 Jul 1994 15:00:17 GMT+0800
Subject: Re: Narrative Analysis

People in Australia might like to contact Qualitative Solutions and Research,
Box 171, La Trobe University Post Office, VICTORIA, 3083 if they are
interested in NUDIST. Their phone number is (03) 459 1699, Fax (03) 479 1441.

The programme was originally developed by Tom and Lyn Richards at La Trobe and
they would be quite willing to talk with you about it.