Re: Narrative Analysis

Don Munro (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 16:46:08 +1000

>Hi, Penny!
> Nu.DIST 3.0 is a computer program for qualitative research. It has
>been developed by Learning Profiles, Inc., 2329 W. Main Street, #330,
>Littleton, CO 80120-1951, USA. It is available in both Macintosh and
>PC-Windows versions. They have a demo disk available, one can call
>1-800-279-2070 ext 17 or write to request a copy and/or brochure.
> I've tried the Windows version and it seems to be a good product,
>though somewhat expensive. The demo is sent free of charge though.
> Hemant Desai

Dear pcp-ers

This is a little bit of nationalistic tub-thumping, but: NUDIST was not
"developed" by Learning Profiles, it is marketed by them. It was developed
by husband and wife team Lyn and Tom Richards, sociologist and
philosopher/computer scientist, at LaTrobe University, Melbourne,

But it is a good program, and I think everyone in the pcp community will
find it useful, particularly for finding quantitative/qualitiative
compromise solutions of the kind that have been much discussed on this
network recently.

Good luck!

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