Re: Psychological Constuct Software

Gwyneth Cheeseman (
Tue, 16 Aug 1994 06:12:12 +0100 (BST)

You may be talking about principal component analysis. The best package I
have seen is RepGrid II which is available from the Centre for
Person-Computer Studies, Calgary, Alberta, Canada tel. (403) 289 2986. It
includes Focus (clusters and trees).

There are many others, however, and I am sure you will be hearing from
afficinados of some of them. I have one called GridCor from Guillem
Feixas at Barcelona which has no manual and is based on a rather different
theoretical notion of comparison. That is for PCs so presumably not for you.

ReGrid is excellent, easy to use and good for interactive stuff with
research participants.

On Sun, 14 Aug 1994, Kenn R. Fagans wrote:

> A few years ago, I did a project concerning personal contructs of performance in organizations. I used a MacIntosh program that displayed the constructs as vectors on a two dimensional graph. Has anyone seen such an animal?