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21 Aug 94 23:06:36

A New InterPsych Discussion Forum: Emergency-Psychiatry
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This list will provide a forum for the discussion of issues
related to the field of Emergency Psychiatry. Although the
list's primary purpose is to allow professionals - psychiatrists,
nurses, psychologists, social workers, other medical
personnel involved in emergency treatment, etc. - to share
ideas about clinical matters, we also welcome questions and
comments from all who have a stake in this field - including
patients/consumers, their family members, students, legal
professionals, and other interested parties.

Discussion is welcomed regarding:

- clinical cases and problems (with careful attention
to issues of confidentiality)
- research and continuing education,
- professional practice concerns,
- development and administration of psychiatric emergency
- treatment methods,
- standards of practice and alternatives to standard
- legal, moral and philosophic issues of treatment,

and related topics.
All comments and suggestions to the listowner:
Bob Buckley, MD <>
Psychiatric Emergency Service
Department of Psychiatry
San Francisco General Hospital
San Francisco, CA (USA) 94110