Current Issues Introduction

I.Pitchford-InterPsych (
26 Aug 94 11:11:06

A New InterPsych Discussion Forum: Psych-Current-Issues

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The InterPsych discussion lists exist to promote scholarly
exchange on a variety of topics related to Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology
Psychopathology, and related disciplines. As a result, many postings
to the lists have an "academic" flavor. There also have been a variety of
"current issues" in our fields that foster a debate of opinions and ideas.
We believe that such debate, when respectful of others' thoughts and
beliefs, is valuable and growth enhancing.

CURRENT ISSUES, has been created to foster discussion of
such issues. The list is a forum for discussion of a variety of topics
including (but not limited to): Provision of Mental Health Services;
Ethical Issues; Professional Development and Training; Psychiatry and
Psychology "In the Public Eye"; and planning for Mental Health Services
in the 21st Century. The list is also a good place for other
"hot topics", such as those often covered in the popular press.
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