Re: Unknown subject

Harry Oxley (
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 11:19:54 +1000

>To All;
>Can anyone suggest research areas of this topic which use persoanl constructs
>as an avenue for increasing human potential, as opposed to dealing with
>normal sub potential?
>Perhaps I haven't been here long enough to notice these options as presented;
>if this is true, I apologize.
>Thank you.
>Eric J. Uberseder
>P.S.: A reply here, or if this is off topic, a direct e-mail response is
>also sufficient.

Not sure of the nature of "the topic", but PCP & repgrids much used
in some business schools to develop management potential. I think it is
Melbourne Uni's one which produced a paper a couple years ago at the Aus
network about how they repgrid new MBA students to get their pictures of
ideals and where they are personally wanting to go (and think they're
going) so as to tailor 'learning contracts' to their perceptions. I myself
am very interested in all this sort of thing in regard to the development
of healthy and growth-fostering while profitable organisational cultures.
Which I am one Hell of a long way from being any sort of 'expert' at - but
it is an area like might fit your bill 'suggestion'-wise. - Harry
Harry Oxley