Re: Music and personal constructs..

A. J. Zolten (
30 Sep 94 10:50:23 CST

Hemant replies to my query
(stuff deleted)

> Two references to music and pcp can be found in: Fransella, F., &
> Thomas, L. (1988). Experimenting with personal construct psychology.
> London: Routledge & Kegan Paul.
> They are:
> 1) Applying PCP to constructs related to music. Miriam Ben-Perez &
> Devorah Kalekin-Fishman. pp 515-530
> 2) Music and personal constructs. Eric Button. pp.531-538.
> Music seems to have the subjectivity that would make for an
> interesting study perhaps by eliciting constructs from people as to
> what they look for in their favorite types of music. Such as: lyrical
> content v/s rhythm; country v/s jazz, etc. Let me know if you
> plan such a study, I'll gladly volunteer to be a subject. Hemant

I do indeed believe and want to pursue some research in the area of
construct elicitation with music. I hope to produce something written
regarding alternative construct elicitation techniques, where I would
address the use of personal music preference as foundation for
constructs. In fact I've talked to Dave Pfenninger and Pat Smith (one
of Al Landfield's students who is presently at our med. school)
about coauthoring a paper (hang in there Dave, I've had trouble
finding references that provide a rational for the importance of
developing an "emotional lexicon", but recently found one in the
inaugural issue COGNITIVE AND BEHAVIORAL PRACTICE; I'm hoping to get
something to you by the end of the year)

My experience has been that when I do therapy with adolescents, it is
very productive to talk to them about their musical preferences, and
the meaning that they make of the songs that they listen to.

I also believe that people can actively anticipate an emotional
experience by selecting the appropriate music, and that while music
caan produce a "response" depending on the circumstance, this
anticipation violates the assumption that emotion is a response.

Hemant, thanks for the reference, I've put in an ILL request for it.