Children's Constructs (References)

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Fri, 7 Oct 1994 23:54:16 -0500 (CDT)

Hi, Dave and others:

Some references on pcp oriented studies of children and development.
An entire section on children's construing can be found in:

Fransella, Fay & Thomas, Laurie (1988). Experimenting with personal
construct psychology (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul) which includes:

PCP and children. Rosemarie Hayhow, Richard Landsdown, Jenny Maddick &
Tom Ravenette. pp.199-209.

Representing the parent-role construing systems of expert parents.
Michael Mascolo & Jim Mancuso. pp.210-222.

Self-characterisation: dimensions of meaning. Sharon Jackson.

A child of four could tell you: A study of identity in the nursery
school using situation grids. Anne Edwards. pp. 232-244.

Choice and meaning in childhood illness. Auriol Drew. pp.245-256.

Also see the work of Steve Duck, Michael Mascolo, and of course Jim
Mancuso. A recent article of interest is one by Connie Vaughn and
David Pfenninger in the last issue of Journal of Constructivist
Psychology (volume 7, no 3, 1994) which compares Kelly and Piaget's
concepts of developmental stages.

Another piece that compares Kelly and Piaget is by J. Soffer (1993).
Jean Piaget and George Kelly: Toward a stronger constructivism.
International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology, 6, 59-77.

A good theoretical background to constructivist developmental issues
is by Irving E. Sigel & Allan Holmgren: A Constructivist Dialectic
View of the Person: An Update. In Adams-Webber, J., & Mancuso, J.C.
(1983). Applications of Personal Construct Psychology. Academic Press.

For applying Kelly to developmental psychology see an excellent essay
by Phillida Salmon titled * A Psychology of Personal Growth * in the
volume by Don Bannister. (1970). Perspectives in Personal Construct
Psychology. London: Academic Press, pp. 197-222.

Another important article is Ravenette, A.T. PCT: An approach to the
psychological investigation of children and young people. pp. 251-280.
In Bannister, D. (Ed) (1977). New Perspectives in Personal Construct
Psychology. London: Academic Press.

For methodological issues see: Klion, R., & Leitner, L. (1985).
Construct elicitation techniques and the production of interpersonal
constructs in children. Social Behavior and Personality, 13, 137-142.

Hope this info helps your work. Best Wishes. Hemant

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