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Bonnie L. Shapiro (
Wed, 12 Oct 94 13:56:13 MDT

I would be interested in details of the EPCA and newsletter.
Also would very much like a list of your publications.
Thank you for your introduction.

I use repretory grid in development of case reports of change and
development of children in learning situations and in the study
of student teaching change and growth.

> Evenin' All.
> Following the suggestion in message id
> <> aimed at new members, here's a
> brief synopsis of my PCP & related interests, in rough chronological order.
> - uses of repertory grids in counselling
> - business applications of pcp and grid technique (ongoing)
> - constructivist approaches to meaning transfer from western to eastern
> Europe (ongoing)
> - how English and Polish companies construe the factors making for
> effective trade (current research project)
> I work at Teesside Business School, (UK) 0641-218121 ext.2917, where I run
> the Central & Eastern European Centre. Until recently, I've been fairly
> active in EPCA, the European Personal Construct Association, helping to
> edit its Newsletter and the like; if anyone would like further details of
> either, do please let me know; ditto if you wanted a list of my
> publications on the above activities, er, groan.
> Kindest regards,
> Devi Jankowicz

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