Re: your research efforts

Jack Adams-Webber (
Fri, 14 Oct 94 10:47:20 -0400

>Thank you for your reply, I am fascinated by your line of
>investigation (and others may be as well), I certainly would like to
>know more as you collect more data. Maybe you could present some of
>your information at the next NAPCN meeting in 1996, or even the Intl.
>Personal Construct Congress in Barcelona.

actually, I presented some of these data at the last (1994) NAPCN meeting
with my student Gabrielle Neff, who is now at the University of Toronto.

>I wonder if you have considered using the Rorchach percepts as
>elements in your construct elicitation technique? More specifically,
>take the first 15 or so percepts and place them as elements across
>the top of the grid, and ask your subjects to come up with their
>bipolar constructs.
>>From there, you could do several things. One might be to compare
>their constructs with constructs generated by thee traditional
>technique. Another might be replace the elements with self-aspects,
>and then have the subject fill out the grid. This technique of
>replacing elements is what Joe Doster does in his "community of
>selves" repgrid, which provides the interpreter a map of
>interrelations of the subjects' self perceptions. Using Rorschach
>percepts seems to me to be a good way to generate dynamic construction
>(I hesitate to say unconcious, or submerged as they don't really fit).
>I hope that others on the network respond with their comments as well,
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