Re: Catching Up
Sat, 15 Oct 1994 12:13:42 -0500

Hey, keep it down -- some us us are trying to finish prospectuses around
here --- Just kidding :-) It's great to hear about so much going on. A
couple of brief comments RE:

Children - See Janet Wilde Astington's A Child's Discovery of Mind (1993,
Harvard) Dave - this is based on good analytic philosophy, also reports
redoing the Piaget interviews in more child-centered ways.

Teacher studies - thanks, Hemant. Also, Bonnie, any other educators out
there ... We're looking for recent refs on constructivist methods in
teaching college-level math. The most promising citation I found was in a
Czeck journal.

Bob and Travis -- looks like there's another MDS user among us. Sorry I
haven't sent the stuff I promised - our VAX has gotten really ornery and I
keep forgetting my disk when I come to the Mac lab.

Music - I feel a correlation coming on! There are at least three former or
current musicians, and many jazz fans among the group -- now we hear there's
research going on in Hong Kong. Could there be something about the
constructs of constructivists that makes us open to this form of musical
expression? We see most of our philosophy faculty at jazz and blues events,
too. Anyone got time to find out if this is coincidence, or have any
thoughts on the matter?

Emotions - fiction can be a marvelous resource as well. In addition to Like
Water for Chocolates (IMHO, don't see the movie) I'd like to commend Joyce
Carol Thomas' A Gathering of Flowers, especially for anyone interested in
multicultural issues, or those of families functioning as well as they know
how. Both of these issues are handled sensitively in this anthology.