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Don Munro (
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 13:42:55 +1000

>On Sun, 23 Oct 1994 wrote:
>> I'm an independent researcher in the psychological disciplines.
>> My main research interest is a Grand Unified Theory of psychology;
>> fitting the vast number of known psychological facts into the
>> structure of a single conceptual network, rather than the dozens of
>> independent theories presently needed to explain them all. My next
>> external project will be to set up an area here on the Internet for
>> discussing various approaches to such a GUT.
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>I am also working on developing such a theory dealing with personality
>issues rather than all of psychology. I would welcome the opportunity to
>discuss my own work as well as yours here on this forum. If there is
>interest, I would be happy to post a summary of what I have developed
>thus far. Jack Gerber (

Further to the above, I have similar aims, mainly in relation to motivation
theroy, but personality would be seen as on the fringe of that anyway. So
this is a further node to any network that gets set up, and I can send a
copy of one paper I've done to anyone who is interested (Theory and
Psychology, 1992). The latter has nothing to do with PCP, it is entirely
systems-theory based.

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