Re: NAPCN News

A. J. Zolten (
3 Nov 94 13:00:19 CST6CDT


I attempted to get to you through internet several months ago, but
your e-mail address was in Fla; I'm glad to catch you now. My
original inquiry was to request a copy of your paper presented at
NAPCN in INDY last July. I have a student who is interested in the
elaboration of gay/lesbian issues who was interested in reading it.

I'm glad to hear that the newsletter will be coming again soon via my
"other" mailbox. I look forward to your call for comments on JCP
articles. Might I suggest that you publish the instructions regarding
getting on to the mailbase as well, along with some description about
what we talk about?

You can send the manuscript to me at:

Dept of Psychology and Counseling
University of Central Arkansas
PO Box 4915
Conway, AR 72035

Thanks much,
A.J. Zolten