Re: Grand Unified Theory

A. J. Zolten (
8 Nov 94 13:22:05 CST6CDT

Beverly's comments remind me of the subjective and constructivist
nature of language aand meaning.

Where does one place the emphasis? Is it Grand, is it Unified or is
it Theory?

It reminds me of the good natured needling that a psychodynamically
oriented friend an I used to engage in. She would always ask "what
does that mean?" suggesting the hidden message, content etc. of our
flirtatious communication. We would then transform the statement into
4 different ones:
WHAT does that mean?
what DOES that mean?
what does THAT mean?
what does that MEAN?
Each statement has its own connotation. If one eemphasizes GRAND, is
that person being grandiose?