Re: GRUNTh and metatheory (Beverley Walker's response)

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Wed, 09 Nov 1994 03:51:37 -0500 (EST)

Don Munro, and other PCP networkers:

If you want to set a committed constructivist off on to some
kind of frenzy, keep talking about truth -- like, "Kelly found one
part of TRUTH, whereas Skinner found another part of TRUTH."

As a committed constructivist, I have decided that the people who
didn't like the Sophists of 2500 years ago, have kept at us to find
TRUTH. As a committed constructivist, I am convinced that we could only
recognize it if we saw it [notice that the verb is RE-cognize -- that
verb nicely forestalls our thinking of IT as TRUTH. We can only come up with
nothing more than a RE-cognition, or, one could say, a RE- construction.]

And PCP types attempt to explain the RE-construction process.

Jim Mancuso