Re: RepGrid Questionnaire

Jack Adams-Webber (
Mon, 14 Nov 94 13:32:56 -0500

>Have you ever used a computerised repertory grid package? If you have then I
>would be very grateful if you would complete the following short
>questionnaire to help me in my final year dissertation. I am currently
>developing a new repertory grid package for use in Microsoft Windows and need
>to know what users of current grid packages think of them and what could be
>I intend to make the new package very simple to use with plenty of on-line
>help. It will be a complete package that will include multi-elicitation
>methods, multi-grids, multi-analysis methods and will hopefully be compatible
>with most MS Windows software for export purposes.
>Please edit and return the questionnaire as soon as possible.
>Calvin Badger
>Anglia Polytechnic University, Chelmsford, Essex, England.
>1) Which repertory grid package(s) have you used?
>OMNIGRID (Apple, Mac and PC versions), and MacGrid
>2) For what purpose was it/were they used? (e.g. counselling, marketing etc.)

>3) Why did you choose this/these package(s)?

I participated in their development
>4) What were the packages' strong points?

>They are both in the public domain (and thay are also fairly flexible)
>5) What were it's/their shortcomings?

>They require expensive hardware (and also a certain amount of grid 'expertise')
>6) How would you improve the package(s)?
We are working on this (mainly in response to feedback from users,
including my own research students).
>7) What would make an ideal repertory grid package for you?

One that could design experiments and accurately predict their outcomes
>(seriously, simulations based on fully specified computational models are
>becoming increasing useful as resources --funding, space, equipment, etc.--
>become exceedingly scarce).
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