16 Nov 1994 09:59:28 -0500

Repertory grid survey:
>1) Which repertory grid package(s) have you used?

I have looked at Omnigrid and have used G-Pack

>2) For what purpose was it/were they used? (e.g. counselling,
marketing etc.)

>3) Why did you choose this/these package(s)?
I read about Omnigrid and wrote to its author with some questions
and he kindly sent a copy of the programme. G-Pack was readily
available and inexpensive

>4) What were the packages' strong points?
Omnigrid appeared to offer great flexibility. G-Pack has an easy
to use menu sytem, offers a range of analysis options and as
noted, is not expensive. G-Pack also had a good manual with ideas
re interpretation of results

>5) What were it's/their shortcomings?

Re Omnigrid: I (a) found the range of configuration options
bewildering and I already had a set of triadic sorts which I
wanted to use and couldn't work out how to use these in the
provided format, and (b) analysis procedures such as
principal component weren't provided .... a hassle if you
don't have ready access to SPSS etc

Re G-Pack: editing was tedious, normalization of factor
loadings was a problem and besides a few small bugs, for me
the central limitation was the inability to analyse multiple
grids collectively.

>6) How would you improve the package(s)?

I believe the respective authors are making changes.
I liked the ease of use of G-Pack however editing was a
frustrating process, it was difficult to go back a step if a
mistake was made and having to return to the menu all the time
was tedious

>7) What would make an ideal repertory grid package for you?

I would like a programme which could perform individual
differences multidimensional scaling and/or multidimensional
unfolding ( a tall order), plus other procedures so validation of
results could be performed. Another ideal would be an agreement
measure (correcting for chance agreement)for multiple rater
manual content analysis

Bob Green