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Brian Gaines (
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 09:11:21 -0700

> **TARAAAH! Announcing the uni-versal, bi-variate, mono-chromic**
> **but poly-valent EPISTEMOLOGICAL STRAW POLL!**
> Put together for your distraction by Devi Jankowicz, Jack Adams-Webber, and
> Jim Mancuso, over the aether without benefit of alcohol, the only sprit
> involved being one of curiosity and enquiry *.
> Ok chaps, the rest of this mailing is serious.
> Devi Jankowicz
> * we'll hit the booze in Barcelona

A K-constructivist cannot answer the question with anything except "all
of these, and more".

Kelly's core construct was not constructivism but constructive alternativism.
We vary our construct systems and can use mutually incompatible
ones simultaneously.

As Einstein noted, a researcher behaves "as a type of unscrupulous opportunist:
he appears as a realist insofar as he seeks to describe a world independent
of the acts of perception; an idealist insofar as he looks upon the concepts
and theories as the free inventions of the human mind..; as positivist insofar
as he considers his concepts and theories only to the extent that they furnish
a logical a logical representation of relations among senosry experience"
(p684 in the Einstein volume of the Library of Living Philosphers Series).

Constructivism models all the positions that can arise in this way.
K-constructivism models their dynamics and the relations between them, if any.

The beer test is the most valid part of the questionnaire in distinguishing
innate K-constructivism from learned K-constructivism. After a number of beers
(dependent on body weight), an innate K-constructivist will have even more
perspectives on the world, but an intellectual K-constructivist will revert
to positivism. This is why the Barcelona experiment is so significant.


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