Unnecessary messages

Don Munro (munro@psychology.newcastle.edu.au)
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 12:09:33 +1100

> Hi,
> Am I the only one who finds it obnoxious to get so much
> e-mail which consists of someone else's message with one or
> two comments added? Can't people delete all but the most
> important stuff when replying. I find it hard to go through
> all the junk, plus, as I get my mail through remote access,
> it ties up my computer while downloading 10 replies all
> containing the same original. Please spend an extra second
> and spare us all!
> Stephen Soldz
> ssoldz@warren.med.harvard.edu

Hear, hear! I wish all users would (a) take care in using the appropriate
address (we all bungle it sometimes, but some are persistent offenders),
and (b) edit some of the junk out of the earlier stuff to which they are
replying, so one can see the trees in the wood.

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