re: Straw Poll
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 23:53:38 +0000

Hi all!

A quick update halfway through the fortnight I suggested for responses to
the straw poll on epistemology:

- 18 people have responded so far: more to come I hope
- as this is an open mailing list, everyone can collate the results for
themselves: there's technology for you
- but some obsessive streak within me compels me to offer a collated report
next week, as originally announced, including the summary to NAPCN News
which Jonathan Raskin suggested in tonight's mailing

- the additional comments have been as interesting as the responses to
questionnaire items: if there's enough of the former, a straw content
analysis will be attempted in adddition to the quantitative stuff
- despite Arne Reithel's fears that the straw poll would attract people
inclined to

>Using irony, sarcasm, ultra-short remarks.
(see his "A more composed note from Germany" dated Sat 19th November)

all of the additional comments have been "fair game"; though one in
particular _was_ a wee bit patronising, I felt (and it _wasn't_ Brian

Watch this space.


Devi Jankowicz