bi-polar constructs on perceptions of leaders

Harry Oxley (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 14:05:47 +1000

All Folks; HELP.
I couldn't send this with my other missive on the network of even
date because this is in very serious - and most 'practical' - vein.
I am trying to get a set of bi-polar constructs for use across MBA
students to construe various leaders (including themselves as they see
themselves and as they'd like to be) so as to see if there are differences
across genders, national origins, type of organisation and so on. I do
have actual constructs produced by other such students, but they are not
much good for wider use because they all expressed themselves in
too-manifestly Goodie vs. Baddie terms. I have theories about the
differences I jolly well OUGHT to find - not only in how they themselves
hope to be but in how they construe different types of other leaders. i.e.
I have the wherewithal to invent a set of constructs for this job myself;
but I'd a damn sight sooner not. Seems silly to reinvent what MUST be
already as common as the wheel, and maybe as widely used.
If anybody has a set of such constructs (preferably), or can give
me a reference to find them (if our little library has the book) your
kindness in letting me have it will be much appreciated.
Harry Oxley

Harry Oxley