PCP and organisational change.

Julian Hill (jhill@drake.bt.co.uk)
Thu, 15 Dec 94 16:52:01 GMT

Since I will be unknown to most of you, let me make a brief
introduction. My name is Julian Hill and I am employed as a
research scientist working on future telecommunications
architectures. My normal area of work is a long way from
main-stream PCP but I have always been delighted by the way
different subjects overlap if they are allowed to and I have
found that a small understanding of PCP, especially the
Repertory Grid, has helped me in my current research.

By a tortuous route that I will not attempt to relate :) I have
recently been involved in discussions at work about the
relationship between employer/employee satisfaction and
personal/corporate values. In particular I am interested in the
management of stresses which occur when an organisation
undergoes rapid cultural shifts owing to changes in market
forces. My knowledge in this area is rather restricted but, from
what I understand about the applications of Repertory Grid
techniques, this is probably an issue which has been addressed

Can anyone point me to appropriate PCP literature or people as
a starting point for further investigation? While I may not
personally be permitted the luxury of following this line much
further, I have contact with a group here who have a more
justifiable interest in the topic.

Many thanks and seasons greetings


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