Another introductory question
Sat, 24 Dec 94 16:16:33

Why not create a WORLD-WIDE-WEB server devoted to the remnants of the scholarly intellectual thread sparked by George Kelly's audacious fundamental psychological postulate. This server could provide world-wide-open-access to interactive, multi-media elicitation, analysis, and feedback of analysis results of ROLE CONSTRUCT REPERTORY GRIDS--individual as well as groups--using the latest virtual reality software for visualization of multi-dimensional hyperspaces and anything else the world wide community of Personal Construct Psychologists would wish to create and contribute-including links to other servers. This PCP discussion group could even devote some WEB pages to explicitly mapping out the nomological links that form the theory of personal constructs as it is presently construed by its practitioners and proponents--perhaps as some form of community consensus grid.

This is the kind of question that might have arisen when I first encountered the following Kellian metaphor some years ago, but, the World-Wide-Web as it exists today was, for me then, almost unthinkable.

"We may imagine a system of
planes, each with two sides or aspects,
slicing through a galaxy of events. One does
not measure distance on these planes,
he[one?] notes only, at any one instant of
application, which side of each plane faces
which events when the set is suspended in the
galaxy. The set, or construct system, can,
of course, be moved around the galaxy in the
manner I have described when a single
construct is used to devise a scale. If the
set is moved into all possible positions it
generates a paracartesian hyperspace, with
its relatively concrete scalar axes. But
that is a rather large undertaking..."

Happy Holidays