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Fri, 13 Jan 1995 16:23:56 -0600 (CST)

Su McLain wrote:
> I've been lurking in the bits or bytes, but now I have a need. But, first
> things first. I am a third year doctoral student in counseling psychology at
> The University of Memphis (TN). My dissertation topic is studying women
> divorcing at midlife, using PCT as my theoretical ground. I am, by my other
> training, an ordained clergyperson, and interested in understanding religion as
> how people construe God based on their experience of life and parents. I have
> Linda Viney's article on that topic.

> My request is this: if anyone has a spare copy of Maher's Clinical Psychology
> & Personality: The Selected Papers of George Kelly, and would be willing to
> part with it, I would be quite interested in negotiating to purchase it.
> Nothing asked, nothing gained...(to paraphrase).

> Thanks for your help. Su McLain
> 3577 Bishops Gate Drive
> Memphis, TN 38115-4603
> Phone (901) 360-9877

Hi! Sue, and welcome to the pcp mailbase. The library at UNL has a copy
of the Maher volume (which I could copy for you if you can't get the
book). Note that 7 of the 17 essays in the book were published elsewhere:

Man's construction of his alternatives (1958)
In: Lindzey, G. (Ed) The Assessment of Human Motives. NY: Holt

The strategy of psychological research (1964)
In: Bulletin of the British Psychological Society, 18, 1-15.

The language of hypotheses: Man's psychological instrument (1964)
In: Journal of Individual Psychology, 20, 137-152.

Sin and psychotherapy (1962)
In: Temple University Symposium on Psychotherapy, Phil. PA: March 9

The threat of aggression (1964)
In: Journal of Humanistic Psychology, V, 195-201.

The Role of classification in personality theory (1965)
In: M. Katz, J.O. Cole, & W.E. Barton (Eds.). Classification in
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Chevy Chase, MD: US Public Health

Nonparametric factor analysis of personality theories. (1963).
In: Journal of Individual Psychology, 1, 115-147.


I hope this helps you to locate at least these articles. You could
let me know if you need any help with this via email:

Hemant Desai
Ph.D. student
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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PS: One other George Kelly article from the Maher book appeared in the
Journal of Humanistic Psychology, c.1969 _Humanistic methodology
in psychological research_.