Thanks to Mildred and Brian

Hemant Desai (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 16:03:25 -0600 (CST)

I would like to thank Mildred Shaw and Brian Gaines for the fantastic
new facility they have started for PCPers. I had a general question
about a project I have been working on (which might be something that
could be added to the list of net resources already in place).

I have been entering whatever references in PCP I can find into a
database. Currently this is in MS-Windows format but later I think it
can be exported to some universal (SQL? CVS?) format for linkage.

The question I have is about designing categories to use when someone
wants to access this data. For example: Year, Author, Title,
Place, Publisher, etc are no problem. However, the references also need
to be categorized by subject area within pcp. This is where I need
some (virtual) help. Right now I am using generic language from the title
or abstract such as "clinical" "development" "grid" "golden section"
"narrative" etc. Also I am limited to 254 characters in a field.

Any suggestions on how I might proceed? Thanks, in advance.

Hemant Desai


> We have hypertext indexed the PCP mail archives and linked these to the
> home page. They are grouped by quarter and indexed by thread, date, subject
> and author.
> Mildred & Brian