Re:inappropriate use of the mailbase

Jonathan D Raskin (
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 12:31:35 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 17 Jan 1995, Mike Procter wrote:

> This is just one example (sorry, Su, for picking on you) of how the pcp list
> gets overloaded with individual messages that ought to be sent to one
> recipient rather than broadcast. I often bulk delete a day's pcp messages
> because I haven't time to go through all the personal (ha!) stuff.
> >Yes, nice job, Hemant! Thanks to Robert Markley, I called Krieger and they
> >have 18 copies after taking my order for one. What a network!
> >
> >Su McLain
> >
> Regards,
> Mike Procter
> Department of Sociology
> University of Surrey
> Guildford GU2 5XH
> UK

While I do agree there are a lot of unnecessary personal messages that
result from people over using the "Reply" command on their e-mail, I must
beg to differ regarding Su's message. I think the fact that 18 copies of
Maher's edited collection of Kelly's essays are in print and readily
available is important news indeed! I was delighted to get this info,
and hope others benefit from it as well!

Maybe, if there is enough interest, a third printing of the Maher book
might become a possibility. I know a lot of people who would love to get
a hold of a copy for themselves!