Re: WWW page at KSI

Brian Gaines (
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 16:16:39 -0700

Hemant Desai writes:
> I downloaded Brian's multimedia paper in .RTF format from the KSI ftp
> site. Two problems: The file was too large for my server account so I
> saved it elsewhere. I can not view/print it as my UNIX shell is
> strictly ASCII. Editing the file to remove the attributes is also not
> possible on SUN/OS. Would it be possible to send me a text-only copy of
> that paper?

Sorry Hemant, the paper is full of figs and not suitable for text only.

In the short term, the best option is to download the postscript
version which can be printed or read on the screen in ghostview.

I'm also intending to convert this paper to WWW which will be the best
format in the long term.