PCP course exercise

Fri, 27 Jan 1995 09:40:36 +0700

From: HKUCC::BLOWERS 27-JAN-1995 09:39:24.84
To: IN%"Beverly_Walker@uow.edu.au"
Subj: PCP course exercise

Dear Beverly,
I liked your idea for exploring the possibilities of change
with students as an exercise. I had a question about your use
of the verb "to be". Would you be expecting students, in the
self/other characterizations to underline *all* instances
of the use of this verb? Would it not be the case that uses
of the past tense(s) would indicate that change had already
taken place. (Thius wouldn't be true for conditional perfect
tenses, I accept, but the simple past, "I was" "they were"
would strongly indicate this, as would many instances of its
use in the so-called present (but actually periphractic
future): e.g. "I am (going to start writing this up)"

Geoff Blowers