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Hemant Desai (
Sat, 28 Jan 1995 08:52:55 -0600 (CST)

> >It follows from Korzybski's general-semantics.....
> Did you know that Kelly and Korzybsk briefly roomed across the hall from
> one anotherat the University of IOWA; and were well acquainted. George
> would refer to Korzybsk at times in his undergrduate courses at Brandeis.
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Jack, thanks for that interesting bit on the history of thought.
There is another connection that could be made between Kelly and Korzybski
through the work of anthropologist Gregory Bateson. The growth of the
family therapy movement (Bob Neimeyer could perhaps tell us more)
was influenced tremendously by the "theory of the double-bind" that Bateson
and his associates developed (which makes the claim that in humans
communicative ambiguity can cause distress).

And of course Bateson has influenced non-pcp clinicians and writers
such as Mahoney, Satir, Jay Haley, de Shazer and many more in the clinical
field. This connection might be relevant in a graduate course that
uses pcp as a perspective as a basis to integrate therapeutic approaches.

Hemant Desai