Bob Crowley (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 14:51:20 -0800 (CST)

Hello, PCP news goup ( or that is what the NAPCN NEWS calls you/us),

My name is Bob Crowley, a member of the Human Development Counseling
faculty at Sangamon State University here in Springfield, Il. I have been
reading the exchanges with considerable interest, if not complete
understanding, for several weeks now and would like to participate. I am
trying to make sense out of analysis of personal narratives, the NEO
personality measures ( S. Stoldz <sp?> gave a talk on this at Seattle, I
think), and where rep grids fit into other forms of qualitative research.

I found the David Vogel article in the recent Journal of value in
making some connections, especially his use of the TAT themes. Actually the
Jay Efran and Bob Neimeyer articles were quite helpful, too.

What comments do you have in regard to possible connections
among the interests listed above?

Thanks to Jonathan D. Raskin for the sprightly NAPCN NEWS. How did
the students address George Kelly?