Mildred Shaw (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 10:26:33 -0700

Hi everyone,

The NAPCN Steering Committee is proposing that NAPCN 96 be held in Banff,
Alberta, Canada (in the same place as NAPCN 86). This is a beautiful, custom
designed conference center right in the Rockies. The rooms are of hotel
standard with full ensuite bathrooms.

The dates will be end of May or early June, which is when we used to hold
NAPCN meetings. The rest of June and the whole of July and August is high
season, and would be prohibitively expensive. Possible dates are:
May 29-June 2 (Wed to Sun), or June 1-5 (Sat-Wed).
Either of these clearly accommodates a Sat night airfare. Extra nights could
be booked by individuals.

The costs for these slots would be about US$475 for a single room, US$360 for
a shared room. This would include everything, i.e. room, all meals (incl
banquet), cost of meeting rooms and A/V equipment, coffee breaks, conference
fee covering mailing, copying etc, use of well-equipped sports facilities
(incl hot tub, lounge and bar).These prices are comparable with recent

Please reply, by the end of Feb, to the following questions:

1) Are you thinking of coming to NAPCN 96?
2) Would you come to Banff in one of these slots?
3) Which slot would you prefer (a) May 29-June 2, (b) June 1-5?
4) Are either of these slots absolutely impossible for you?

I will summarize the answers and let you know the results. The booking has to
be made by the end of February or we will lose the slots.


PS We have often had attendees from other parts of the world than North America.
All are welcome.