PCP and Analytical Psychology

Dusan Stojnov (ESTOJNOV@ubbg.etf.bg.ac.yu)
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 11:06 +0200

David Remmert was interesting in connecting PCP with "grounded" analytical
psychologists studying Jungs ideas and archetypal psychology (is Hillman
among them?). One of the persons to turn to is Renos Papadopulos, formerly
student at Belgrade Psychology Department, than Professor at University of
Capetown (or somewhere else in Siuth Africa), and currently being the prresident of
English or British Jungian Society . If you conntact me, I will try to find his address.
Renos and late Don Bannister were supposed to write down an article examinin
similarities of Jungian and Kelly's approach, but Don's death put an end to it.
There is also an interesting book titled "Yung as constructivist" by Polly Eisendrath and somebody else, which is presenting Yung's ideas in the light of
contemporary constructivists, such as Maturana, von Glaserfeld and von Foersters, among the others. If you can not make a proper conntact or trace the refference, do conntact me, David.
Dusan Stojnov
Psyc. Department,
University of Belgrade